The natural kingdom is the sheath of life that holds the world together in wellness and health. At Stroma, we aim to extend this towards you as we bring the best of products that maximize health positive output you bring to the world. The Stroma story has its roots embedded in botany where Stroma is the term for the fluid which holds all the organelles necessary a Calvin cycle together. The Calvin cycle is a process plants and algae use to turn carbon dioxide from the air into food and nourishment which helps them grow and thrive.

The nature that surrounds us is incredibly powerful and potent in so many respects. It is the science of life that connects the Stroma brand to the natural world and represents our ethos of sustainability rooted in service of people and the planet.

Stroma is a brand that holds an important place in the cycle of life and works as the glue that holds this cycle together. It not only promotes wellness but also holds us together through a focus on human-centered capitalism by creating opportunities for wellness driven success. We not only wish to educate, empower, and create opportunities for communities, but also offer Wellness Education, Business Education, and access to Superior Products. At Stroma, we aim to unlock human potential and create opportunities amid everything that our brand stands for.

The Founders

Robert Kehaya, is a Wilmington NC based Entrepreneur and Educator specializing in lean start-up.

He grew up around the stories of his Family’s entrepreneurial journey  and developed an interest in big agriculture through his father’s work. Kehaya learned first hand the importance  on health and wellness growing up an athlete, and also as an entrepreneur. Kehaya has harnessed a focus of health and wellness in his personal and professional life. He understands clearly how many people CBD can help, and his personal wellness journey inspired him to create Stroma Wellness. While he already had experience with Cannabis products it dawned on him CBD offered him exactly what he needed: Wellness benefits without any mental impairment. Kehaya quickly became an advocate for the CBD industry promoting his views with consumers and companies around the country. Today he’s on a mission to bring the best CBD and other wellness products to consumers around the country and the world.

Toni, is based in NYC where she spent 15 years in Beauty industry packaging and product development.

Toni, from a young age, was drawn to skincare and wellness, so it was only fitting that she fell into the beauty industry and has remained there for the last 15 years with a focus on packaging and product development. After seeing the effects of an unhealthy lifestyle take its toll on both of her parents, she wanted not only to inspire them but everyone to take better care of themselves. She learned healthy habits from her grandmother, Fannie, who bathed in olive oil to keep her skin soft and wrinkle free as well as adhere mainly to a diet rich in fresh vegetables and blueberries (a handful of blueberries every day to be exact). Habits Toni still follows until this day while continuing to follow her passion for developing products in the wellness and beauty category. Joining forces they realized they both brought new perspectives and ideas to the CBD and wellness arena. A quickly growing industry, brands in the hemp and CBD business are leaving existing and new consumers confused. After years spent in areas that dealt face to face with the customer, they wanted to mimic that intimate experience in an online marketplace that opened the doors to not just CBD, but wellness, knowledge, and the most innovative products on the market. 

Stroma Wellness focuses on the leading categories in wellness and beauty in CBD and beyond starting with CBD skincare , body care , and soft gel caps. Toni and Rob saw that while there is a huge interest in CBD spanning different age ranges and groups, there is so little accurate information available that’s also understood without prior CBD knowledge. Moreover , consumers are often led to purchase CBD and other wellness products lacking transparency, and in some cases lacking in any true form of efficacy. 

Together, with the customer experience in mind, the Stroma Wellness team is building a brand embodying trust and efficacy at its core, and cultivate partnerships to deliver the highest quality wellness products on the market. Our goal is to build a brand that inspires consumer trust and loyalty. We want to share the Knowledge and up to date information in wellness products and innovations with our customers. 

We are excited for you to come on this journey with us, and promise to be your partner in wellness for years to come.