CBD is thought to interact with your Endocannabinoid System (ECS) to help regulate sleep, appetite, mood, nervous system and immune system responses. 

The ECS is a cell-system in the body known to regulate mood, sleep, appetite, memory, reproduction, and fertility.

CBD is a compound found in both Hemp and Marijuana. When extracted from the Hemp plant it contains little to no THC. CBD is known to interact with the endocannabinoid system which naturally produces cannabinoids. Early research indicates cannabinoids have many wellness benefits promoting overall cellular health throughout the body. 

Whole Plant CBD utilizes the whole plant. By using the Whole Plant the majority of terpenes and fatty acids stay intact.

Water Soluble CBD is easy to absorb and has a faster delivery speed. Water Soluble CBD can be added to water, cold beverages or cold foods. 

MCT stands for Medium Chain Triglycerides. It contains healthy fats and vitamins that are easily absorbed by the GI tract and encourages the use of fat for energy. 

Hemp seed oil contains a 3:1 ratio of Omega 6 to Omega 3 fatty acids. Hemp seed oil also contains potassium, magnesium, iron, zinc and calcium. 

Nano Nutrients are absorbed faster because they are smaller. They enter your Endocannabinoid System faster because they travel faster through your bloodstream. 

At Stroma we are experts in developing and sourcing high quality CBD and other Wellness products. Together with our partner network we hold ourselves accountable for delivering products you can trust that work. 

We offer a 30 day return policy with no questions asked. We do so because we believe in our products, and know you will love them.

Farm Bill was written into law in December of 2018. It ensured that hemp production and cultivation is legal in all 50 states. Any product with .03 percent THC or less is federally legal.

You’ll find a growing array of partner products available in our MarketPlace. There you’ll find other wellness products, and even a few CBD brands we’ve curated for you. 

We follow a strict due diligence process for all our products. Not only do we supply you with lab tests for all our CBD products, but we also ensure we know each ingredient in the all wellness products we source for you. We are committed to only offering clean wellness products. 

We work with a number of partners to source and develop CBD products. We understand each part of the Hemp supply chain from seed to shelf, and ensure we work with the very best in the industry. Our relationships run deep in the industry, and our expertise gives us the confidence we need to know our products are what they say they are. 

You can email us at info@stromwellness.com or direct message us on instagram or facebook. Also you are welcome to fill out the form fields on our contact page (link to contact page)

Yes CBD is available for pets, and widley used. Pets often reap similar benefits like anti inflammation, anti anxiety, pain reduction, and more.

The short answer is no. All legal CBD products contain .03% or less THC. With such low levels of THC, CBD products do not get consumers “high”, and offer no euphoric effects.

It is safe to travel with CBD within the US. If traveling outside of the country we recommend you study the laws of the country you are going to. Every country has different regulations around CBD and THC. Generally speaking Canada, the UK, and most of Europe is friendly to CBD, but we stress doing research prior to traveling outside the country with CBD. 

Will CBD cause me to test positive for THC?

Our branded products are broad spectrum, and THC free. They will not cause you to test positive for THC. However other CBD products like Full Spectrum products do contain trace amounts of THC. While it is unlikely these products will cause one to test positive for THC consumption it is important to consult your doctor prior to consuming Full Spectrum or THC containing products. 

What extraction methods are there for CBD?

Butane, CO2, and ethanol extraction technologies are all used to process hemp and extract concentrated CBD. We prefer products which use CO2 extraction methods as they yield the cleanest concentrates. 

What are the dosage recommendations and how can I use this safely?

Dosage is very dependent on the individual. We recommend customers follow a  learn as you go method using small amounts of product to start, and increasing dosages until the desired effect is achieved. This is especially true for edibles and tinctures. It is not uncommon for consumers to start with about 15 mgs of CBD per amount in the morning, and increase the amount and frequency of consumption of time. Once you achieve the desired result from dosing full impact of CBD benefits can be realized in just a few weeks as the Endocannabinoid system works with CBD consumed daily.